About ART

Our Mission: To champion HIV and AIDS Prevention among the vulnerable groups and provide care and support to the infected and affected people in and around Mt. Elgon region.

Currently, ART operates in three districts of Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo, also called Sebei sub-region. It has an estimated 278,500 people.


Leaders of ART:
The General Assembly (GA) is the supreme body of ART, which at the moment stands at 120 people, most of whom the majority are HIV-positive. Board of Directors (BOD) for ART which consists of six people (The chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary and two members) are mandated by the GA to oversee the work of the organization. Besides, there is a secretariat headed by a programme Coordinator that does the day-day implementation of the programmes.

People Involved:
Sam Anguria , Board Chair Mary
Athieno Kurong, Treasurer Mwanga
Patrick, Vice Chair Member
Sylvia Tiyoy, Treasurer/Vice Chair
Willy Chesilyong Mell, Member/Secretary
Justine Chebet, Member/Representative of PLWHA